Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back at the Club -

"What the fuck was up with Alise tonight? I didn't think she'd had that much to drink, but based on the way she was behaving - "

"She wasn't drunk," Raina retorts. "Tipsy, sure - maybe - but not drunk."

"Hello! Did you see her and hear her? She was flirting with me, for God's sake! Hell, she more than half implied that she wanted to do more!"

"Maybe she does." Raina has a really peculiar look on her face, somewhere between amused and pissed.

"Excuse me? Dead guy, remember?"

"I seem to remember that I sleep with a dead guy... Ky and Gareth, too."

"My point exactly. None of you guys are human; I mean you used to be human, but now you and your brothers are something else - 'human plus', maybe. Alise is human, nothing more - and humans who flirt with vamps tend to be vamp groupies, like Rath's little entourage. Alise is nothing like that."

"Bear in mind, Nick, Alise is no ordinary human, either. She died, spent a century or so as a ghost and had her humanity restored by magic. She hobnobs with werewolves, vampires and almost-immortal Vikings. She's married to a gargoyle, for pity's sake, a guy who turns into an eight-foot bulldog with wings at sunrise. She knows what it is to be dead, and she's not scared of it, or you. Hell, you saved her life during the Jean-Marc thing."

"I cut up a few werewolves. Big deal. You were the real hero, Rain. You got the Fenris rope, you caught the slimy bastard."

"Yes, and it was you and Jeb who caught the werewolf who led us to Jean-Marc. It was your idea to check for fear-scent, remember? You were the one who made him spill his guts when he was trying like hell not to talk."

"Look, we're wasting time here. I may have played some part in the Jean-Marc thing, sure, but that's a far cry from explaining why Alise should have been flirting with me tonight - never mind the rest."

"None so blind..." Raina sighs. "What would it take to convince you that Alise meant exactly what she said tonight?"

"Oh, that's easy," I say, grinning. "All she has to do is to say it again when she's stone cold sober."

"Then you'll be convinced?"

"Sure, but we both know it's not going to happen."

But Raina has that amused look on her face again....

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