Sunday, September 16, 2012

Star was outside, near her garden, working on making the baskets for the girls to carry at the wedding. Her fingers flew, weaving the tan colored fibers tightly together. She had her supplies stretched out in front of her on a blanket. Ru had tried to grab the colored ribbons that Mya dangled in front of him until he fell asleep next to Star.

Erik watched her for a few minutes from the stables before he approached her, wondering at the sad expression when she was doing something he knew she loved.

“Princess.... whats wrong? You dont look very happy...”

Pausing in her work Star gives a sad smile. “I dont know. I think I miss Mera...”

“She wont be gone long. Keon will keep her safe.”

“Oh, I know he will. I am sure she is having fun... its just that... the house is so quiet...”

Erik grins and looks to his sleeping son. “Quiet? With this little hellion running around?”

Star returns the grin, “Well, its just different with her gone. And our son is not a hellion.”

Dropping his large frame to the blanket Erik pulls Star into his arms and kisses her. “Do you want to talk to Rowan about adopting a baby? Its fine with me if thats what you want...”

“One will come to us when its time.” Star snuggles into her husbands arms. Wolf and Lobo come bounding from the trees to join the family and Mya sighs loudly.

“Quiet...'dont wake baby...” Mya flits to a finished basket and curls up inside. “Dont wake Mya...”

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