Saturday, September 1, 2012

Traeger again finds himself awake early;  he lies thinking about the day that passed...

Erin was surprised and happy about the horse ride to the hills; Traeger admired how well she handled the animal she rode, perfectly at home on its back...moving with it as if they were one. When they approached the crags they found a shady spot near the stream to tie the horses off, plenty of grass and water nearby made it a perfect spot.

Traeger slipped the lunch he had into a backpack and they took off looking for the best way up to the rocky pinnacles. Surprisingly there was a fairly easy route; as if people had traveled here for a great period of time. The route wound upward through the rocks not affording much of a look at what lie ahead; together they rounded a corner near the top and both stopped in astonishment.

Totally hidden from sight below; was a small clearing surrounded with trees; in its center were monolith stones similar to a small Stonehenge, and from its center a spring bubbled to the surface into a pool of crystal clear water. One edge falling off to create the stream that tumbled to the valley below.

Traeger and Erin both sensed the ancient feel of the place; twining fingers they walked into the pagan area of worship.... Traeger felt its energy; it was good and positive. Erin knelt beside the pool in the soft grass that surrounded it, dipping her hands in for water; sipping from her cupped fingers. "Traeger, it tastes as sweet as honey,"... and she smiled up at him.

Traeger was smitten with her beauty and simple grace as she knelt there... nd he stepped forward and knelt beside her. He looked into her face and reached forward to draw her into his arms; kissing her with an unaccustomed urgency, feeling like he must feel her lips there and not one second later. Erin sighed into the kiss, her actions letting Traeger know how eager she had been to once again kiss him.

Traeger felt the sacred sense of the place and knew this was where he would make love to her... with none around but the gods themselves. He drew back and looked into those grey eyes that held such depth... "Will you make love with me Erin; here in the place of the gods, beneath the sunlit sky?" Erin's answer was to reach up, touch his face... and seal her mouth to his. His tongue plunged into her mouth, making its claim and telling her at that moment... that place in time she was his. Erin moaned as his hand slid down to caress her breast, her nipples erect and dying for his touch... his kiss grew deeper; emotions streaming between them. Erin reached down and pulled at his shirt, finding a place to reach her hand in to caress his bare chest, reveling in his masculine feel.

Traeger drew back and began removing his clothes. He had no sense of shyness at being naked; and Erin began to strip hers off... her eyes glued to the image of his bare rippling chest, the flat stomach and the cock that reached toward her in its full glory. Traeger watched her eyes, could see the lust beginning to form; and he bent forward to help her from her jeans,draw the panties down her slender legs... She gasped when he had brushed her mons as he pulled them off.

Traeger tossed the panties and stayed where he was, kissing her legs, spreading her to kiss her inner thighs; listening to her breaths grow sharper as he kissed his way upward. Erin lay back, surrendering to the sensations he was evoking... Traeger licked her outer lips... sliding his tongue up to flick against her clit... she jerked;and a moan escaped her; encouraged by this he licked again at her clit... and took it gently in his teeth... drawing on it as he licked, then taking it into his mouth... sucking at the bud. Erin began to pant, reaching to sink her hands into Traegers hair... lifting herself up toward his questing mouth.

Traeger continued his assault, sliding a finger into the brink of her cunt... hearing her indrawn breath; drawing out and plunging it in as he licked and sucked at her clit... adding another finger as he felt her blossom and grow wet beneath his touch... his cock surging up in anticipation, eager to fuck her.

Traeger drew back from her cunt and moved up to cover her; his mouth seeking hers in a savage kiss of longing... his cock rubbing back and forth against her, Erin whimpering with need at feeling it so close... he moved until his cock was pushing at her; teasing her.

Erin had never felt such longing for something; she captured his questing tongue and bit gently, expressing her need... and he plunged his cock into her... she felt ecstacy as he slid into her... and the very air around them seemed to hum with the energy of their mating... he fastened on her breast as he drew back and forth; and Erins hips lifted higher and higher questing for as much of him as she could get. He felt her cumming; moving faster within her to bring her to a climax, feeling her muscles tighten around his shaft as she came. She cried out and sought his lips again, her tongue tangling with his as he continued fucking her... seeking that spot that would bring them together to the pinnacle; and her eager thrusts to meet his brought it sooner than he had thought; the two twined together as they climaxed... Traeger making noises deep within his chest at the feel of them together.

Together they lay on the grass; dreading the moment they would have to  draw their bodies apart. Traeger was experiencing some feelings of guilt; he had loved his wife with all his heart... but never had there been the bonding of souls and bodies like he had just experienced.

Perhaps that was why he had been urged to seek another to share his life... the Gods knew this woman was there... and she was meant to be his. Erin seemed to have a maturity beyond a woman in her 30's; a comfortable way about her... as if she knew where her place in life was... and it seemed it was meant to be with him.

The afternoon had deepened before they had stopped making love and talking... after dressing ;they had looked around the stream's base for clay... Traeger sinking his hand into the soft clay; feeling magick brimming within it... "This is where we will get the clay for Tori and Ike."

Traeger's mind was drawn back to the present when he felt Erin move in her sleep, he drew a finger softly down her cheek... he could not stand to be without her now; the electric feeling moving up his finger from where he touched her. He pushed aside his thoughts and curved into her back... his cock suddenly hard; he found her entrance and pushed into her cunt; his hands reaching forward to cup and knead her breasts as she wakened and began to thrust her hips back to him... the hum filled their world as they melded into one.....

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