Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rowan felt giddy as a schoolgirl when she caught sight of Marc heading towards the garden area with Tannr and Eric. She quickly adjusted her shirt, pulling up a bit on the 'V' of the neckline. The dark turquoise blue of her skirt and blouse accented her red hair which she had left down for the evening.

She had set up a small table behind all the chairs with the documents that needed to be signed after the ceremony. The gardens were beautiful, full of late summer blooms in various colors and shades. Chairs were set up for the guests, but Tori had wanted no carpet or runners, no altar, just the grass and the flowers for d├ęcor and surrounded by their family and friends.

She blushes at the low whistle Marc gives.

“You are a vision..”

“Stop it..” Rowan laughs happily. “The bride is the vision today, not me.”

“I dont know if I agree Priestess.” Marc pulls her into his arms. “Come here. I have missed you.” Relaxing into his arms, Rowan wraps her arms around his waist.

“I brought something back for you....” Marc fishes in his pocket and pulls out his fist.. “Turn around.” he commands.

Rowan obeys and Marc slips a finely wrought silver chain around her neck. As she looks down, a square cut jewel twinkles at her. The gem resembles a diamond and is faintly pink. Rowan gasps at its beauty.

“Its gorgeous... but whats this for?” Rowan asks.

Marc tilts her chin and whispers, “To remind you of the beauty I see...” Rowan blushed but her smile told Marc she loved his gift. “Thank you..” she starts to say, but Marc kisses her cutting off the words.

“You can thank me properly later...” Rowan grins and swats at him. “You better get up front, the guests are arriving.”

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