Monday, September 3, 2012

Alise approaches Raina who was waiting at the bar. She grins at her friend, “Please dont ask.”

Raina had seen Ike storm out before the others and nods. “Did you ever fight with your sisters?”

“I really dont remember... I know I was the youngest of my family..” Alise turns to Stoney who had been waiting with Raina.

“I dont think so. Your sisters were older and already married and on their own when you were quite young.”

Tori joins the group, ordering a drink from Monty.

“I never did this kind of thing with my siblings...” Raina looks over to Tannr, sitting on the floor with the boys, telling them a story. “they pissed me off, I beat them up. No patience for arguing.”

“I think we may be a little old for that...” Tori grins.

“Tannr!” Raina almost yells.

Tannr and four sets of eyes go wide at the sound. “What are you yelling about?”

“What would I do if I were really ticked off at you?”

Shrugging Tannr replies, “I dont know. Probably beat the crap out of me like you used to.” He shakes his head and returns to his storytelling.


The group laughs and Ike steps out from the kitchen trying to be inconspicuous as she goes about her work. Raina notices and raises her voice just a bit.

“My brother would marry you in a gunny sack, he loves you that much. He wants the woman, not the clothes..”

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