Saturday, September 1, 2012

Each step shakes the floor. Tannr watches as the furious redhead paces the apartment before finally heading out onto the enclosed balcony. He moves to the doorway, keeping out of her way. Several times he has tried to touch her mind, only to find it closed tight. She was like this when she came home in the early hours of the morning, and rose with flames dancing in the brilliant emerald of her eyes.

She stills, watching the vivid pinks and blues deepen into indigo and the near black purple of rain heavy clouds at sunset. Her gaze shifts, taking in the rooftops. Tannr knows what she is looking at, even if he still can't touch her thoughts. Her people are out there, patrolling, watching for signs that all is not well. Her "nest of snakes", the streetwise kids, more organized than anyone could know, reporting to her or Mortuis as needed. Movement catches her eye and she stares, viper still.

His thoughts touch hers, tentative, waiting for her to allow him entrance. She lifts her shields, just enough to let him see the tight control, but not pushing him out. Moments later his arms slide around her slim waist. She remains tense. His body presses close, fitting to her lean form. It takes a few moments, but she relaxes slightly and rests her head back on his shoulder.

His jaw slides along her cheek. The rasp of his stubble raises an involuntary shiver and she moans softly. He seeks for clear thought and finds none, just a heated haze of frustration, and to his regret not sexual in nature. His lips find the curve of her ear and he murrmurrs. "Talk to me Red."

She moves away slightly and he tightens his arms, dropping small kisses on the back of her neck. Tori closes her eyes, but stops moving away.

"I love my sister..."

Tannr hides a smile as he nuzzles her short hair.

"She is driving you insane, isn't she?" Tori turns in his arms, sliding her own around his neck. "How can ye tell.?"

Tannr chuckles. "Your brogue only comes out when you are frustrated, not angry. And... the ONLY one that makes you that crazy is Ike."

Tori grits her teeth. Her words nearly hiss. "How can she just... SHOP! This was supposed to be a fun time out for the girls and she made it a FREAKING CIRCUS! By the Gods... all I heard was 'You need to choose a color for the wedding. What style wedding do you want? What about flowers? What are the guys wearing? Who's standing up for Tannr?' Goddess! I wanted to throw her into the side of a mountain!"

He leans his forehead against hers, speaking softly. "You didn't want to shop?"

"Actually... no." Tori sighs. "I wanted Pandora to have something other than Connor to think about."

Tannr grins. "I bet you and Ike at each others' throats definitely gave her something else to think about."

A smile twists Tori's lips. Her teeth bare, fangs showing in what could have been rage, but turns into a full-throated belly laugh. When Tori finally catches her breath, she kisses her intended soundly.

"Thank you, Coppertop... I never thought of it that way."

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