Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh, knock it off. Tori sighs. Ike is still pissed over her showing them the pantsuit. She'll get over it. Or.. resign to the fact that her sister isn't going to let someone else dictate to her what her wedding was going to be like. That happened once before. It wasn't happening again. Stop being catty. Ike.  

Catty? I am NOT being catty. I am being totally... I am... I am disappointed! Pants? I mean really.. Pants? Why won't you even thi...

GWYN! Stop! Listen to me!

Ike's complaints still instantly. The last time she was called Gwyn was the night they decided to let their given names lie hidden to start a new life. This life has been one that took them through several countries, and helped them find a place they actually thought of as Home. She listens more closely to what her older sister has to say.  

Traeger needs help. He has found the Tavish Hills, but is having trouble. It seems he ran into Crag. The arrogant ass wants proof that Pan's da wants the clay for members of the Tavish Hill Nestings.  

Oh Goddess... Crag... It had to be Crag. You don't think he'll... Oh Goddess...  

No. He won't come here. He has too much to lose if he leaves the Hills. Besides, we were the banes of his existence. The two females he couldn't bully. Relax... so what should we tell Traeger? I don't want to give our Goddess names....

She can feel the slow smile that creeps across Ike's thoughts. The Summer Sisters. Isn't that what the villagers called us? Taryn and Lynn?

Tori laughs. Knoll and Lake... Of course... There were several of us known by those names. Her fingers fly over the keys, telling Traeger the use names, so common among the Tavish Hill Nest females. If he describes them as they are now, it wouldn't matter. Last time Crag saw the sisters, Tori's hair was waist length and Ike was still young enough to be nearly flat chested. Now... Tori sported a short spiky do, and Ike would put Pamela Anderson's voluptious figure to shame. Tori smiles in satisfaction as she sits back in her chair.  


Ike sends a sighs. I never thought to need those names again. Do you remember the little cottage we kept on the edge of the village?  

Our escape... The sisters reminisce ninety plus years of adventure, boredom, frustrations, and joys. They are open to the family path, and are well aware of the others listening. Tori feels Tannr's arms slide around her and she leans into his embrace. The tension between the girls eases, fading completely by the time they reach their coming to Exton. Their minds embrace, entwining as they hug mentally.  

I'm sor

Laughter, a sound of true amusement, erupts as they realize they are both saying the same thing at the same time. Ob snickers, his voice heard as an echo through many minds. About time...

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