Monday, September 3, 2012

When Tannr is finished with the story, Alise rounds up the kids with Stars help and takes them upstairs so the adults can have some time together. Once they are all settled Alise joins Stoney, Nick and Raina at a table. After some small talk Raina tells her she found some history regarding her house and the entertainments that were held there. “I was thinking of doing something similar, but not until after the wedding.”

“Maman used to give soirees. Is that what you mean by 'entertainments'? She had friends that were writers, musicians. Her soirees had a theme depending on her guests.” Alise reminisces.

Stoney grins as he asks, “Does your soiree have a theme, Raina?”

“Yeah. Sex.”

“What?” Alise's head turns quickly, thinking she surely misunderstood Rainas answer.

“I said sex. The whole evening will be... well... about sex. Mostly doing, I hope and not so much talking, but you never know how these things turn out....”

“Raina! Are you serious? Or just teasing me again? How can you have a party like that?” Alises eyes are huge, worried that her closest friend may have lost her mind.

“Well... first off we are inviting only certain people, the more open minded of our friends. There arent a lot of rules, no means no. No one has to do anything if they dont want to. And asking permission before joining in with couples... that kind of thing. Just common sense, really.”

Mon Dieu, une orgie...” Alise is stunned.

Raina laughs softly, “Well, no, not exactly. Although if a group of people want to get together...” Raina stops herself at the look of surprise on Alises face. “Let me see if I can explain this in a different way... We will have different areas set up, for couples or small groups, with different things to try, like a divan with melted candle wax on the table next to it. Say Ky and a partner wanted to try dripping that over her body..”


“Well, yes. How else would you feel it? It's not going to do much dripping down your arm...”

“Mon Dieu... naked? At a party?”

Hear her out Chaton. You are the first person she is telling about this... You know she would do nothing to hurt or embarrass you on purpose... 

Alise falls silent as she nods and Raina realizes her and Stoney have been 'talking'.

“Okay, so if Ky is getting wax dribbled on her and say Gunnaar wants to join in. If all parties are agreeable then he can. This way my friends can try some new things in a safe place. And no, there isnt a ton of privacy, but that makes it really sexy. For the most part I am going to use some gauzy drapes and candle light, it gives you the illusion of privacy, but is super erotic and will have an intimate feel to it. I think you would like it. And really, if all you want to do is walk around, have a drink and decide it isnt for you, I wont be offended, but please, just come and see what you think. I can ask Marc to come... I know you think he is handsome....”

Alise blushed to the roots of her hair. “Raina! What am I to do with you. I am married...” At the small smile on Rainas face, the memories of the night she had spent with the couple came flooding back to Alise and she stammers, “You know what I mean... I love you... but a man I barely know? Even if I do find him attractive...” Alise's face turns even redder as Stoney gently teases her in their minds.

Why not mon amour? The night we spent with Raina was magnifique, was it not? The look on your face..... 

“Stoney! Please... I am embarrassed enough... Excuse me for a moment...” Alise stands, and heads to the ladies room, looking for a momentary refuge.

“Maybe I should go check on her. I was just teasing...”

“She isnt upset with you. But I doubt if Marc will want to participate in your soiree..”

Raina smiles, “Really? But why not? “

“Rumor has it he only has eyes for the Priestess...”

“Rowan? Really? Wow... younger man... niiice....”

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