Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rowan leans back after she all but licked the plates clean. “I didnt think I was that hungry...”

“Priestess, you have to take care of yourself. Would you let your patients get away with starving themselves?” Marc grins at the scowl on Rowans face, then laughs. “Come here...” he takes her hand as she stands and pulls her into his lap.

“Rest...Alise said she would take the first shift. I will stay here and watch over you...” Marc runs a hand down Rowans back.

“You dont have to do that. I am perfectly capable...”

Marc shakes his head. “We are not discussing your capabilities at this time. Rest. I am not a doctor, but it is an order.”

“Now you are ordering me?”

“Yes. No more talking.” Marc settles in the chair and leans back, Rowan curled in his lap. After a moment she sighs and leans into him, resting her head on his chest.

The rest of the night passed quickly. Rowan and Alise taking turns caring for Pandora. Stoney joined Marc on the Widows Walk and the men visited while the women rested. At dawn Rowan was called away on an emergency, a baby coming much too soon. Alise was worried until she heard Rowan calling Star to meet her.

Marc stands and kisses Rowan. Running a hand across a cheek he says, “Please, promise me you will get some sleep when you are done...”

“I will...I promise. I have to go...” and Rowan is quickly gone.

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