Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tara stumbles as she walks down the hall. Stoney smiles as she reaches up to him. She cuddles close as he scoops her up.

"*Je t'aime papa..."

Dark lashed lids drift down over lavender eyes, dark with the need to sleep. Stoney smiles softly, still amazed at the dark haired child in his arms. So independant, yet at times like now, an image so innocent. He brushes a kiss over her hair, touching her mind as she dozes.

^Je t'aime aussi, princesse.

The door to the nursery opens before Stoney can tap. A demifae bows and darts inside as the nanny closes the door behind father and daughter. He settles her on her bed and turns to find Chloe standing just behind him.

"Tio Stoney? Connor is a good name. It means Hound or Chief. Mama' is sleeping, but Pa'pa says... Pa'pa says Connor's body will be offered to the Gods." She chews her lip. "What does that mean? Abuele Grace and Cassie already have him."

He looks around at the wide eyes of the other children. Settling in a chair, he picks up Teri, settling him on one knee as Chloe climbs up on his other. He holds the pair, unconciously rocking them.

"Your daddy, my brother, is Romanavich. The Romanavich are shapeshifters along with being Gypsy. One of their traditions is to give the body to the Gods, after the spirit has moved on. What that means is that what is left behind is burned to ash, so the soul will have a fresh start in its next life."

He pauses, waiting for questions. There are none at first. Finally Teri looks at Gracie, then at back up at Stoney.

From her bed, the little girl's voice pipes sleepily. "Teri says... we promise... too... not to tell... about Connor's... scales."

Stoney tucks the children in bed, kissing their foreheads before giving his own offspring soft kisses goodnight. "Ah ~mes petits... I think we adults will attend to that. Bien dormir, dormir doucement."

Stoney closes the door behind him. He leans against it for a few moments, wondering how Ob was going to take the news that his son was born a little less human than the others.

*I love you daddy.

^I love you too, princess.

~my little ones.... Sleep well. sleep sweetly.

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