Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alise hurries to her seat after making sure the children were lined up properly. As the first sounds of Keons pipes are heard, Tara and Tomas move down the aisle after Silk with Chloe holding Teris hand behind them. Then Ryan with Gracie and finally Mera holding Ruarcs hand who was only too happy to head up front to see his Uncle Tannr. Ike is behind the children, smiling from ear to ear. Alise almost does not recognize the song as the one she has heard Stoney and Ob practicing, Keons pipes giving it a more hauntingly beautiful sound.

Tannr smiles as he watches the children, knowing how excited they had been to dress up and take part in the ceremony.

His thoughts turn to Tori, excited and anxious to see her, to have her as his wife, to spend his life with someone he loved completely and that returned the same feelings.

When his eyes move toward the back of the gathering he sees Tori is standing there. Her eyes never leave his as she waits for the other to move down the aisle. Tannr is stunned, the woman he is looking at is beyond gorgeous. She was always beautiful to him but this vision looked like something from a dream. He whispers to his brother, “Is this Freyja in human form? Or one of the forest goddesses...”

Tannr takes a deep breath, mesmerized by the love he sees in Toris eyes. She starts down the aisle towards him as Keons guitar replaces the pips and Ob starts to sing.

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