Sunday, September 16, 2012

The tent is up. The dark green roof, and side drapes striped in pale and medium greens, help it blend in to the surrounding trees. I set the box inside, the one Keon had hand-delivered to me, and set up a camp chair. The weather is just cool enough that I don't need the flaps open to stay comfortable. 

As I settle in with a book, I think over what still needs to be done. Ob and Stoney should be up, Ike and Tori have a few more hours. Keon had already set up chairs, arraigned an alcove to sit in with his guitar, and seen to the decorating of the small clearing. The Demifae and street kids had helped string the trees with ribbons and lights. As soon as the shadows lengthened enough to cast shadows among the trees, the lights would blink on, giving a nearly fairytale ambiance to the area.

I turn another page and smile. Irony, I think... to set a seasoned warrior to guard a dress. But this one... Tori would have a fary tale wedding.. helped along by true Faeries.

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