Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pandora asked for Roxi as soon as she woke in the morning; wanting to make sure the small casket for Connor would be complete. Roxi assured her it would be... that Ob had come downstairs while she slept to speak with her. One of the most skilled woodworkers was crafting it as they spoke; with specific instructions that it bear his name for the children.

The day past slowly for Pandora; Alise was having a cup of tea with her while the children napped. "Alise; there is something I want to talk with you about, You know how my husband feels about his deamon side, do you think it would disturb him greatly to know Connor was more dragon then human? I am sure he was conceived when we had just found out about the Drow queen's plan to steal a child... you remember the daemon coming out; ready to kill?... We made love that night...or I should say the daemon side of Ob took me; I revel in his touch however it appears; but that night was especially savage... the beast was in control once Ob's lust took over."

Pandora began to weep softly; "Our child ,Alise... he was perfect in every way, but his face; it was the very image of a small dragon... and his shoulders already bore the beginnings of scales, I am so afraid it would deter Ob from wanting to try for more young ones... what do you think?... please be honest, I must decide if I will tell Ob this evening; I feel compelled to do it, but I am frightened too."

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