Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alise carefully adjusts her dress and hair in the mirror. The children were ready and were quietly playing in their room in the tavern. Stoney had not seen her dress or her hair and she wanted to surprise him. Raina had taken her to the same hairdresser that she had used and no one had seen her since she returned. Another quick adjustment and she heads out of the dressing room and pauses when she sees Stoney gazing out the window.

Sensing Alise in the same room, Stoney turns and is stunned. The change in makeup was subtle but her eyes appeared as violet as dark lilacs. Her hair was a straight waterfall of molten gold and he didnt know if he would be able to keep his hands off her for the length of a wedding and a reception. The dress she had made was also gold, but a soft matte fabric and color. The sleeveless A-line dress clung to her body in all the right places, emphasizing her petite yet curvy figure. The colorful belt she had designed and embroidered rode just below the waist and Stoney knew his eyes would be following every sway of her hips.

Worried that her husband has not uttered a word and only stared at her Alise asks, “Remi... do I look all right? I know my hair is some shorter but it is still past my hips...” Alise turns to show him, “They only cut off a foot or so...” but Stoneys eyes are not on the length of her hair but on the way her dress clings to her bottom.

D'accord ...? Chaton... All right is not even close.... We need a tower, an ivory tower. Somewhere I can keep you safe from the eyes of other men. *Vous êtes une déesse incarnée la lumière du soleil. Beauty pales in your presence.”

Alise breathes a sigh of relief and smiles as she slips on a gold pair of strappy sandals. “I was afraid you would be angry about my hair...”

“Absolutely not. It is gorgeous...” Stoney steps close and pulls her into his arms. His kiss leaves no doubt in her mind as to whats in his.

*You are a goddess, sunlight incarnate

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