Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rowan finishes the salad she ordered after seeing what Marc considered supper.

“Is that all you are going to eat? Just a salad?” Marc asks.

“For now. I still have a few things to do and I need to check on Pandora...”

"Let it go Priestess... I know you need to check on Pandora, but what else needs your attention? What is so important it has to be taken care of tonight?” Rowan was silent for a minute thinking. She did need to check on Pandora, but other than that, Marc was right. The van needed restocking, but not desperately. Her garden needed watering but it looked like it might storm tonight. The coven was in good hands and she had spent some time there yesterday with her duties.

She nods slowly and grins. “Okay...maybe there isnt anything all that urgent, except for Pandora. Can you wait for a bit? I'd like to go see how she is doing...”

“For you Priestess, I will wait as long as it takes..” Marc takes her hand and kisses it, then turns it slightly and kisses the inside of her wrist.

Rowan shivers at the sensation and the passionate look in Marcs eyes. She nods and says, “I shouldnt be too long...” and heads upstairs.

On the first landing, out of sight of anyone in the tavern, Rowan pauses and takes a deep breath. Goddess...what is this? Love, lust, infatuation, fantasies of a crazy old woman?

Forcing the thoughts back Rowan continues up to the family apartments to check on her patient.

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