Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rowan gives the family a few minutes after blowing out the candle. Then she has Pandora shower, don a clean shift and get into bed. Rowan holds out a small pill and Pandora starts to shake her head.

“No arguing. You need to rest and thats all there is to it...”

Alise gives Pandora a small grin and a hug. “She wont give up on me...”

With a sigh Pandora holds out her hand. Rowan hands her a glass of water and she swallows the pill down, grimacing as she does.

“I hate pills...”

“I know... and I wouldnt make you take anything if I didnt really think you needed it...” Rowan takes Pandoras hand. “If you need anything, please call. Alise and I will take turns throughout the night checking on you..”

Pandora nods, eyelids heavy, exhaustion and medication making her sleepy. “Thank... you...”

 Ob sits on the bed and pulls Pandora close, her head resting on his chest. “Thank you Priestess.... for everything...”

Rowan blinks back tears and nods. “We'll let you two have some time alone..” She stands and looks to the others.

“I will take Tara back to the nanny. I'll be back in awhile Bro...” Stoney lifts his sleepy daughter and they leave Ob and Pandora alone.

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