Saturday, September 1, 2012

Star kneels in the grass, gathering the roses she had clipped to give to Pandora and Ob. Keon and Erik were finishing up in the kitchen and she still needed to get the kids ready for the ceremony. Her thoughts turn to the day Ruarc was born and how she could have easily lost him and her life. Tears start at the thought of what her friends must be going through.

She gently places her roses in a basket and wipes her eyes. When she looks up Mera is standing in front of her, her eyes wide at Stars tears.

 “Mama Star! Dont be sad. The baby is with my mama and Grandma Grace.....” Mera wraps her arms around Stars neck.

Star holds the little body close amazed at how much she loves her foster child. “I know Sweetie. I am just sad for Pandora and Ob...” She looks up at a howl from Ru, Tiger having him cornered safely away from the woods that the toddler was always trying to get into.

Erik and Keon step out onto the porch and Erik smiles at the sight of his wife. Ru balanced on a hip, a basket of flowers in that hand and holding Meras hand with the other. Tiger was next to Ruarc, his almost constant companion. He moves off the porch to take Ruarc and tosses the little boy in the air.

“Time to get ready little man.”

Ru squeals with delight, “up, up..”

A few more tosses and then its in the cabin to change. Star slips on a soft blue sundress and helps Mera into a deeper blue one. Star runs a comb through Meras dark waves and adds a barrette, keeping her long bangs out of her face.

Erik grabs the keys to the jeep. “Are we all ready? Do we need to pick anyone up on our way?”

Star shakes her head. “Rowan will meet us there and so will Raina.” She picks up her basket of roses and follows Erik and Keon to the jeep.

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