Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ob was awake early; he strode into the room while Pandora was at her dressing table trying to bring some color into her face with blush. "Bruha, you are beautiful without those things; but if it pleases you..." He bends and kisses her neck, then her mouth... a tender kiss soft with feeling. "I'll shower and then together we will get our Connor ready."

Pandora watched him through the mirror, she could see from the set of his shoulders the tension he was under; she wished they didn't have this sorrow in their lives. Rising from her chair she went to the small casket setting on the dresser; it was beautiful... fine cedar wood was formed into the casket, an artist had carved letters spelling Connor's name into the lid, scattered among flowers. it was polished to a sheen and showed much loving attention to detail. Sitting on its surface was a small blanket with fine stitching and the name "Connor" in the corner in Alise's fine embrodery.She had worked on it while she sat with Pandora during the day; and had presented it to her while she helped Pandora bathe and dress for the ceremony. Pandora brushed a tear away; they had such a dear family... this should have been a birthing gift.

Obsidian strode out of the dressing room and knelt beside her; stroking the small box and admiring its craftsmanship. "Are you ready Bruha?"... Pandora nodded; and setting the box aside she walked with him into the terrace garden. Ob had the small trowel Pandora had used and she pointed out the spot where she had put their son to rest. Ob set the trowel aside and dug gently with his hands; finding the small bundle wrapped in the bath towel. He handed Connor to  Pandora and she cradled him in her arm as they went back inside... she drew the towel away, and laid the small body wrapped in her mother's hanky on the bed. Ob knelt beside Pandora as she sat and put the small body on her lap.... "Josephito, I must confess that I was tempted to conceal our son from your gaze; but that would have been cruel; and however the gods made him... he was still our child..." With that said she looked into Ob's eyes, then down to gently fold the material back from around the small body; lifting him up for his father to gaze upon....

Pandora had asked Gunnar to create the small pyre for the ceremony, knowing with his Viking roots he would make it perfect... his face had held such sadness; it brought a lump to her throat, and he had gathered her up and given her a big bear hug before telling her it was his honor. Below the pyre was a small pedestal decorated with flowers and native greens, oak and moss and things of nature... this is where the tiny casket would set before the ceremony started; it was low enough the children could easily see his name carved upon the wood, and they could leave the offerings they made him in the nursery that day.

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