Monday, September 3, 2012

Traeger loaded the bricks in the packs he had fitted the horse with, hoping he didn't kill it with the amount of weight it carried. Once they reached the Inn he had the bricks transferred to a crate for shipping to London; the metal freight box for overseas shipping would wait till he got the clay from France and added it to the load.

Finally done with the task; Traeger hugged Erin..."Well, that was more excitement than I planned on to extract some clay; wonder what awaits us on our next leg? I know Stoney's family, so no problems with hostile gargoyles... perhaps we can do a little shopping and find something to fill our shipping box with." Erin smiled with enthusiasm. 'We also have gifts to find for the children." Traeger sat down at the computer to book their next flight to France while Erin set to work packing.

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