Monday, September 3, 2012

The next couple of days were busy ones for Alise. The girls dresses were on hangers waiting for buttons and hems, the boys blue shirts still being worked on. She smiled when she thought of Ryans and Tomas' excitement at the new T-shirts they would be allowed to wear after the ceremony. Ike had gotten all the boys Spiderman shirts, thinking since they were blue they would not show under the dress shirts.

Her thoughts turned to Ryan and Chiara and the plans for the school. She made a mental note to speak to Mortuis after the wedding. Unless he attended, she would be able to speak to him then. She had been putting off the conversation, not wanting to ask for any more than they had been given already. But she wanted a safe place for the childrens learning and wanted them to have the experience of attending school.

She carefully blocked her thoughts and took out the sketch of her dress from a small notebook she kept near her sewing things. She hoped Stoney would like it, she wanted to wear something different instead of the longer sundresses she usually favored. Carefully checking her threads she noticed she needed a few metallic colors for the belt she was making to go with her dress. Knowing Ike was helping Tannr with some shopping she thought of perhaps asking if she could join them.

Meanwhile, Tannr was busy himself. Ike had agreed to help him with his clothes later that day, but now he was looking for a wedding gift for Tori. He had stopped in a jewelers shop and was looking at various things, nothing really catching his eye until he saw the earrings. He hesitated, thinking that maybe Tori would prefer emeralds rather than the paler peridot stones. And she usually favored studs or hoops and these were longer, drops of diamonds and peridots, each stone perfectly cut and sparkling with light.

The sales person smiled and asked his thoughts. Tannr explained the reasons for his hesitation and added, “I dont know, there is something about this pair...”

“You should go with your gut feeling. And since it is her wedding day, she may want something a little different from her usual style.”

Tannr smiled and agreed. “Okay. I will take this pair then. And I need to pick up her wedding band too, if its ready...”

Ikes thoughts were busy and excited since Tannr had requested her help. He explained what he had in mind, something from a movie that he and Tori had seen and she thought was handsome and sexy. Ike had grinned from ear to ear knowing her sister was going to be speechless and absolutely love what Tannr would be wearing.

Ike had not said another word about Toris choice of wedding attire and the family was determined to keep her busy and out of Toris hair. The two had apologized and the fight was forgotten but the family intended things to stay quiet for Toris sake.

Ob and Stoney had been discussing the music and band. Star and Keon were busy with the gardens and Stars plans for the girls flower baskets. Keon would slip into fairie and get the roses with plenty of time for Star to complete the baskets and Toris bouquet.

Pan and Monty were going over menus and orders, wanting to make sure they had enough food and drink for everyone. Pan welcomed the distraction, and between that and her family her heart began to heal.

Rowan had spent some time with Star in between her duties. She confided that she missed Marc much more than she thought she would but he had said he was certain he would be back for the wedding.

And Raina was making plans for the wedding night. Since Tori didnt want to take time away from the Gallery her thought was to let her brother and new sister use the Lodge. They had a large guest room and the pool was finished.

A weekend at the tavern or someplace might be fun for the four of us... I'll talk to Nick as soon as he gets up, ask Gareth and Ky what they think....

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