Monday, September 3, 2012

Tannr opens the door, letting Tori move past him with a large box. She smiles sweetly at Ike as she moves into the private dining room. Ob looks at Stoney and Tannr, raising a brow. Tannr turns slightly to hide his expression from Ike. He presses his lips tight and rolls his eyes.

"She has something to show the ladies after dinner." He glances back at the room, keeping his words on a very narrow path meant only for the men. "And it is going to piss Ike off in a very big way."

Dinner goes by the way most family dinners do, thanks to the children. Tomas announces, very vehemently, that he and Ryan are NOT wearing flower shirts. The girls tease that the boys need flowers in their hair. Alise and Stoney steer the children onto neutral ground and promise Tomas no flower shirts.

Tori keeps her thoughts tightly sheilded. Ike keeps trying to work around the edges and Tori soundly ignores her. Dinner done, she asks her brothers to watch the children and takes the ladies to the private room. When the door closes, Tori smiles a sweet, and very vicious, smile.

"I have not been the most... compliant of brides. I know that. But I said in the very beginning that I am not looking for this to be a formal wedding. Pan, Star, Alise, your weddings were traditional in their own ways." She turns to her sister. "Ike, you have never been married before. remember something little sister... I was. I was forced into a marriage that was... Let's just say I am not going that route. I love you. I love all of you, but it is MY wedding. That said..." She turns and opens the box. "This is what I thought I would wear on my wedding day."

The silk is the palest of ice green. The strapless bodice is tight fitted, decorated with crystals and pale green pearls. A sheer split overskirt follows. It isn't until she shakes out a pair silk flare legged pants that Ike begins to simmer.

"Pants! Tori, NO! No! Not pants! Don't you want a dress? Something princess like, or classic? The top, the over skirt... great! Tell me there is a skirt in there!"

Tori is calm, eyes reflecting nothing but their natural emerald color.

"Deal with it Ike. This is what I am wearing on my wedding day." She smiles again. "So dress issue solved,"

Ike cuts her off. "NO... Not solved. Tori."

The redhead stares at her sister. There is no fire, no fight, in her eyes, just the flat expression of a bored snake. Ike's mouth snaps shut. She knows she can talk until she is out of breath and Tori will not budge. After a few moments of silence Tori continues.

"Star, I was thinking of baskets for the girls." The gargoyle blushes slightly. "I went back to the shop last night and bought a yard of the fabric for the girl's dresses. I know the flowers are stylized, but can we find flowers similar? Even if it is only colors?" She pulls out her ipod and taps the screen. "Keon is bringing me something from Faery. He told me a story of undying love that circles around roses that change their color. In the story, they end up a beautiful blue. He knows of a strain that slowly changes. He promised two dozen to mix in with regular flowers." She watches Star's eyes begin to swirl as her mind goes into high motion. "He said to let him know if they will not be enough. His sister grows them. If there is anything you need help finding, he offers his aid."

She turns to Alise, Pandora, and Ike. "As for anyone else's outfits, wear what you want. All I ask is that no one wear green, and that the colors reflect the colors in the girls dresses."

She turns and packs up the pantsuit, hiding the smile caused by Ike's frustration. Without another word, the blonde Gargoyle leaves the room, heading straight to Monty. He hands her a glass of ice water and follows her into the kitchen.

Pandora shakes her head. "That was mean Tori. When are you going to show her the real dress."

"When she stops showing her catty side and realizes I don't want to be a princess. The sketch I saw was exactly what I want. It is being made now, in the color and similar fabric as the pantsuit. Plus, Ike can't keep her mouth shut about pretty clothes. If she saw the real dress, Tannr would be sure to find out."

Box closed, Tori entrusts the package to Jeb's care, where two demifae sprawl out on the lid as backup.

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