Sunday, September 16, 2012

In her deepest, darkest room where Ardara does her scrying, she watches bits and pieces of the exchange at the cabin. She scowls at the happiness and smiles, her expression growing even darker at the sight of Ruarc.

“Enjoy your happiness while you can, foolish imbeciles. My revenge may be a few years in the making but for every moment of joy you have now it will be returned to you tenfold in misery in the future.... I should send Nathlyn to check on the... child... creature... whatever it is by now....”

Ardaras laugh chills the small demifae listening to the bone. Imp shivers but stays out of sight in the shadows of the rafters. He is covered with mud and dirt so as to blend in but he is anxious now to report to Inari all he has heard the past few days. As soon as Ardara leaves the subterranean room Imp makes his way up and out of the temple and out of Underdark.

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