Sunday, September 16, 2012

“Before we go just let me double check a few things.” Raina turns towards the guest room.

Ky nods, “I'll help Gareth with our suitcases.”

“Nick, did you bring the wine up from the cellar?” Raina asks.

“I did. Two red, two white and two champagne. With a note on how to find the wine cellar and to help themselves.” Nick grins, knowing Raina wants everything to be perfect for her brother.

Raina made a quick inspection of the guest room. The room was decorated in rich earthy colors, satin sheets on the plush bed, a very large full length antique mirror on the wall and french doors that opened to a large balcony. She grins when she sees the rocking chair that Tannr had delivered as a gift for Tori. The design was simple but very elegant and Raina knew exactly what Tannr had in mind for the chair.

She heads downstairs with Nick, double-checks the kitchen and her notes and declares the house fit for company. The couple meet Gareth and Ky on the front landing as Nick locks the house and gives Raina the keys.

“I cant believe my little brother is getting married....” Raina sighs, then smiles. “Remember when he first came here, how him and Ky would argue?”

“How could I forget?” Ky laughs. “He was such an annoying brat. I wanted to kick his ass for him every single day on the way here from the UP.”

The group is laughing and happy on their way to check in at the NiteOwl Club before heading to Extons park and the wedding.

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