Monday, September 3, 2012

Traeger awoke early again; he slipped out of bed and padded over to check his computer... yes! Tori had left him a message... "Tell Crag we are the Summer girls; Taryn and Lynn... sorry for the problems, should have expected as much from him. Love from us all"

It was short and to the point... but now he was armed with what he needed to bring the clay down off the mountain. Traeger was pondering going alone, when a sleepy voice interjected.."You're not leaving me out of this adventure, I've gone this far and I'm seeing it through." He turned to Erin; his breath stopped for a moment as he looked at her among the tumbled blankets... she was lovely. "Well, woman... if you're going with me we better get some things out of the way so we can get a decent start"... and he walked toward her with a lustful smile on his face.

Resplendent with the feeling he could conquer the world; Traeger showered with Erin after more of the best sex he'd ever had, for an inexperienced woman there was an inate wildness in her that brought out similar emotions in him... he wanted her... he was possessive about her... she was his! Again they climaxed together amid the charged electrical field that seemed to gather every time they touched. He was determined to do some research on the phenomenon.

Dressed and leading the extra horse to carry their treasure, they set out again for the crags of the Tavish Hills; armed with the names necessary to release the clay.

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