Monday, September 3, 2012

Traeger escorted Erin protectively down the path to where they left the horses; "Erin,are you alright?... I never actually thought we would confront gargoyles, they are pretty secretive. I think he sensed our magickal powers and was drawn to see what we were up to."

Erin looked up at him,.. "I admit I was a little shaken; we were pretty much at their mercy, I am glad the huge male was reasonable. Do you think you can get the proof he wishes?"

Traeger nodded, "I will e-mail Tori as soon as we reach the Inn, surely she will be able to give me the information that will convince him we seek the clay for just reasons."

He drew Erin to him and held her close; "I am sorry, that must have been pretty frightening for you. I must admit that in the community I live in, the unexpected is usually the norm, so I am more comfortable than you would think with such things."  Traeger held her at arms length for a minute... "Perhaps you want to rethink this trip with me, this may not be our only encounter with the strange and unusual."... Erin smiled and slipped back into his embrace... "I am tougher than I look, and if  this is your world; I guess I better get used to it."

Above Erins bent head, Traeger smiled... this woman was turning out to be quite a gutsy lady; he may have found the mate he was hoping for....

Traeger sat down as soon as they reached the Inn to e-mail Tori; he described the episode and the time factor given to them, knowing Tori checked her computer constantly to keep in touch with the patrols... he figured he would probably have a reply by sometime tomorrow.

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