Saturday, September 1, 2012

The stunned look on Pandora's face is enough to bring a small smile to my lips. I think she forgot I am more than human, more than Gypsy. The sadness in her energy is heart-wrenching. I sit on the edge of her bed, crossing my ankle.

"Mi Cooza... vat is wrong? Vat bothers you so veery much?"

I listen quietly as she tells me her fears. I understand. Josephito has deep-seated issues with his father's treatment of his mother and himself. I take her hands, making her face me.

"The babee... it ees Dragon, not Deamon... si?" She blinks and I know I have given her something else on which to dwell. "Long ago, our cheeldren were born with signs of what they would be able to sheeft into. Perhaps twas not Deamon, but the Sheefter... the Beast that showed?"

I can feel her energy start to ease, the fear turning into tension, yet not the depression it was edging into. I draw her gently into my arms and just hold her. Alise makes to leave and I motion her to stay. The Frenchwoman settles in a chair and watches. A small smile curls her lips as she feels the change in the room. The tension is gone, eased into a softer sadness.

"Ve mourn the passing of a child. But you and Josi... You have chance to breeng heem back ven time is right."

We sit and talk, I explain the Romanavich Death Rites, our reasons for giving the flesh to flames. One last promise I make... to be there when they offer leetle Connor's flesh to the Goddess. I give both women a farewell and take my leave. I think I will ask Re'mi to create a stone mi amor and I can set in the Manse' cemetery in memorium.

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