Saturday, September 1, 2012

A part of him stays detatched, thoughts buried deep, hidden from everyone, including his wife. The image of his son, small, scaled, and draconic, burns away the tears he would shed. Yes, he mourns his son. Did he want more children, or would this deter him? No... as long as Pandora accepted him, his varied forms, and that of their children...

His eyes follow the youngsters as they enjoy their gifts. The youngest boys move their dragons along the patio flooring. Every now and then Teri looks at the pile of ash from the pyre. Finally he toddles over to his father and holds up his dragon. Ob opens his mind, letting Teri's thoughts touch his own. Ob strokes the little boys cheek, tousles his hair, and kisses the small horns protruding from his hairline.

The Gargoyle settles on the floor, letting his little one crawl up onto his lap. he can feel his wife nearby, half listening. A sadness curls deep at his son's unheard question. He speaks aloud knowing all the children heard Teri, even if the adults hadn't.

"I am not sure, mi mano. Connor was not known to any of us. Not even to Mamacita and myself." He strokes a dark fleshed finger along the dragon's head. "Si... it is a wonderous beast. Majestic." His pale gaze turns thoughtful even in its sadness. "Si. Dragons are a big part of us..." He smiles, and a tear slips slowly from the corner of his eye. "No mano. Connor was a dragon born. I do not..." He pauses, swallows, and looks up to find Pandora watching him carefully. His pale gaze turns back to his son with the weight of his wife's attention focused on his thoughts and words.

"I love all my children. We are all different. Chloe has wings, you have horns. Each of your coozi have their own gifts. So what if Connor had scales and sharp teeth. He still belongs to us. He is still Familia. And THAT, mi mano, is what truly matters.."

Teri gives his father a sloppy kiss and clambers down. He toddles to his mother, holding his arms up to be held. She blinks away tears watching the children show Uncle Ob their new treasures.

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