Saturday, September 1, 2012

Patti leans close to Monty.

"Met her? Dude... you're doing her sister."

His gaze goes to the curvaceous woman serving drinks. Her green tinged yellow blonde locks seem to bounce as she glides among the packed tables. Monty grins as she deftly avoids a set of grasping hands as she takes the order of another table. Her foot snakes around a chair leg and tips its occupant to the floor. His tablemates laugh as he gets back into his seat. Ike smiles sweetly and walks away.

Slipping behind the bar, she slides an arm around Monty's waist, hand caressing possessively. Monty rolls his hips and laughs. The innocent looking Gargoyle smiles at Tannr and Marc, picks up her new orders, and sashays a few steps away. She tosses her hair as she glances back over her shoulder. Her green eyes glitter wickedly.

"By the way, my love... You do know I heard you...?"

The three men look at each other, then break out laughing.

"I am going to make you pay for that... later."

Monty grins at the others. He mutters something in Spanish and she saunters away, swinging her hips suggestively as her laughter turns heads.

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