Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pandora brushed down the folds of her dress; it was a halter style with a low back; soft iridescent fabric that appeared to change color as the light struck it... copper for a moment; a second and a movement later a rose tone... it clung to her curves and its low neckline played up her full breasts. It picked up many of the colors in the childrens colorful floral dresses.

Ob has been very careful with Pandora as she healed from her miscarriage, but she had murmured to him as he came up and caressed her hips in her dress..'My Josephito; on a night such as tonight when we celebrate a binding together... it is a night when I desire my husband to also share his love with me... will you be my bold gypsy tonight?... and I will be your willful Bruha". She laughed a low throaty laugh that had Ob's eyes glinting with lust... yes,tonight they would again share their own love.

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