Sunday, September 16, 2012

I wear a professional smile as I show our new "boarders" to their rooms. The women are exquisite and the men almost enough to tempt me into... well, let's not go there.

This is by no means an unusual thing. Now and again a couple will meet another couple online and decide they want to get together in a place that's a little more lenient than your average motel. People walking around in lingerie - or less - isn't an uncommon sight at the the Club, and we have a few large rooms that we rent by the night for swing club get-togethers, or munches, or - well, whatever! Oddly, this group wanted two rooms, one per couple. That's fairly unusual - but as the vampire told me -

"Don't be surprised if there's a fair amount of shuttling back and forth between rooms while we're here."

"I rent rooms, I don't care what you do in them so long as it's not illegal." He raised an eyebrow at that. "Well... no more illegal that our usual business."

Vampire? Yes, most certainly. He might not be the same breed I am, but he's nosferatu.

Before I leave, I turn to the women.

"Ladies, I do hope this won't put you off, but we occasionally have entertainments in the main ballroom downstairs - dance contests and the like - and I hope you'll consider participating while you're here."

"Contests?," the dark-haired one inquires. "Like what?"

"Well... like wet t-shirts, lingerie, exotic dancing - that kind of thing."

The redhead grins widely. "We'll think about it." and the brunette nods. "Yes, we'll consider it."

I bow. "I can ask no more than that. Ah, here are your rooms."

The rooms are a hedonist's paradise - large, with big beds, lots of pillows and a jacuzzi big enough for all four - and maybe more, if they squeezed together.

The vampire smiles knowingly. "These will do very nicely."

"Then I'll leave you to it. If you need anything, just pick up the phone - it connects to the front desk."

"Thank you, we will" - and I'm off to the security station to make sure no problems have popped up in my absence.

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