Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tannr looks towards the stairs when he sees Marc looking in that direction and smiling. He is about to tease his friend when he sees that Rowan looks upset. She joins Marc and asks Monty for a shot of whiskey. Tori pulls a stool close and Tannr reaches out and pulls it closer, wrapping an arm around the gargoyles slim shoulders.

Alise asks Monty for a glass of wine then frowns when Rowan orders a second shot. Marc raises his eyebrows and Alise, knowing Rowan does not speak French says, “*C'est très contrairement à elle, pas un seul droit après l'autre. Elle est trop bouleversée..."

Marc nods, then reaches up and rubs behind Rowans neck. His deep voice quietly asking "Rowan?" has her blinking back tears and tossing down the second shot.

"I should have known... I should have seen this... if I hadnt been so... so self absorbed the past couple of weeks...."

"Rowan! How can you say such a thing? You spend all your time caring for others... Self absorbed... absolutely not...." Alise says.

"I agree." adds Tannr. "Nothing thats happened has been your fault. If Traeger needed something else... well... then he did. And thats his loss as far as I am concerned...."

Marc grins, "His loss and my gain."

Tears slowly start down Rowans cheeks. "I dont know... I just feel so bad about Pandora... and responsible..."

Alise tries to comfort her without much success, but when she suggests some fresh air, Rowan nods and wipes her eyes. She stumbles a bit as she stands and Marc steadies her. "Sorry, guess I feel a little light headed..."

"You really should eat more than salad if you are going to do shots. What else have you eaten today?" Marc asks, concern plain in his voice.

"I cant remember..."

"Mon Dieu! A salad is all you have eaten?" Alise immediately takes charge. "Take her to the Widows Walk and I will bring her some supper... Monty..."

*That is very unlike her, not one right after the other. She looks upset too...

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