Sunday, September 16, 2012

Imp flits into a large busy military camp, just Faerie side of the Unformed Plane. Pages are running back and forth, horses being saddled, weapons gathered. Imp had timed his arrival well, a break in the fighting, skirmishes won, and some of the troops were readying for leave while new ones took their place. Imp looks right and left as he flies, looking for a slight figure among the warriors. He finally sees her, leaving one of the medical tents, her face grim.

Imp zips directly to her. “Ambassador... my apologies...”

Startled by his dirty appearance Inari stops in her tracks. “Nonsense. You are never interrupting. Where have you been? You look in need of rest and a bath...”

Imp nods. “Underdark. I bring news... and a warning for our friends in the human realm..”

“Follow me.” Inari leads Imp out of the busiest part of the camp and to her tent, near a small grove.

As Imp relays all he overheard from Ardara and a few others, Inari starts to pace. Even when Imp falls silent Inari continues, back and forth, obviously deep in thought.

She stops suddenly and looks to Imp. “Can you travel with me to the human realm? I plan to leave within the hour.”

Imp bows, “Of course, Ambassador... Should I call for an escort?”

“No need for one. Torin and the Nighthawks will be out for another week. I believe there is a wedding in Exton and we could offer the Queens and our own congratulations to the happy couple. And if certain warriors are in attendance, and I am sure they will be, we can let them know that Ardara is far from forgetting her vengeance...”

An hour later the pair is leaving the camp, headed for the forest. Inari wants to be farther away from the Unformed Plane before she opens a gate to the human realm.

Imp settles into one of the saddlebags, the horses stride rocking him into some much needed sleep.

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