Saturday, September 1, 2012

“Oh Pandora, ma souer...” Alise forces back her tears, knowing she would be unable to talk if she started sobbing. “Barbare loves you and the children. His family is everything to him. I cant imagine that this would stop him from wanting more babies with you if that is what you want.”

Alise wraps her arms around Pandora. “I think I know of someone who may be of more help...”

Alise takes out her cell phone. She rarely uses it but Stoney insists she have it with her at all times. She scrolls through the list of names and stops at Silks.

When Silk answers, Alise asks, “Can you come to the Tavern? Pandora needs to talk to you...”

Alise turns back to Pandora and hands her a tissue. “Help is on the way...” A mist slowly seeps across the floor; building into a pyramid, it swirls, spiraling, coalescing into a familiar silk draped form. Hands extended upwards, thumbs touching central fingertips, dark eyes flash as the woman tosses her long dark hair.

"Mi Cooza... I have arrived"

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