Saturday, September 1, 2012

The tall shadow strides between parked cars in the back lot, listening to the ringing on the other end of his cell phone. When the voice finally answers, Guunnar can hear the sound of women and children laughing.

"Aye laddie? Am I needed or is this a social call?"

There is a hopefulness to the Dark Lord's voice, which brings a sad smile to the Viking's lips. Too many times these calls have wrenched him from time with his beloved daughter. Guunnar shakes his head, slowly before replying.

"Nicht, but ist sad news, und Ich see it nicht. Pandora ist abed mit Obsidian. She lost kindje... a baby. Rowan chust gibt her sumtink to make her *schlaft."

He can hear Keon relaying the news. From the sounds on the other end, Guunnar picks up thst Star already had an inkling. "Leetle Sister... she habt an idea? Or sie nicht see?"

Keon tells him that the vision Star had was tentative, something that could happen, perhaps not. He asks if they are needed at the Tavern.

"Nein. Rowan gibt her pill. Alle Gargoyles ist here. Ich habt Rowan call if any be needed."

The next words from Keon stun the Viking. "Thank ye, Guunnar. Tell the Moon's Priestesss, she need but ask an' I will bring any she requires. Be it being or supplies. Tell Ob and Pandora our hearts and thoughts be with them, and their wee ones as well." There is a pause. "Wish says twill be there e'en faster an she brings any."

"Danke Ke, Ich willst tell. Gut nacht."

He clicks the phone shut, blinking away tears for the family's loss. Shaking his head, he turns to the Tavern and heads back inside. His mind stumbles over what has just happened. Who would think it... An Elder Fae saying thank you, and another offering her services to a human witch. Exton certainly has a way of bringing out the strangest situations...


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