Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, the vampire cleans up pretty well...

Nick looks good enough to eat in a lightweight black silk suit of Italian cut with a open-necked silk shirt in pearl gray and black boots. I'm wearing an ankle-length pale green robe trimmed in gold - wedding attire for the Bright Court.

"You can stop checking yourself out in the mirror, peacock - you look fine."

"My cock is larger than a pea, as you well know. You look pretty hot yourself. Want to test these new duds on the girls?"

"Why not? Lead the way...."

Raina turns and takes a look at her backside in the full length mirror in the hallway. Ky steps out of her room and joins her. “You look great... and I look like a 12 year old...”

“You do not, dont be ridiculous.” Raina laughs at the wyldfae as she wiggles her ears in the mirror, her many piercings catching the light. “Nick loves it when you wear your hair down...” Raina admires the unruly mass of red curls.

Raina returns to her own image, dressed in black pants and a burnished red metallic silk top. Her arms were bare, her tattoos in place for the night, Snake settling in her accustomed spot on Rainas upper arm. She grabs a pair of matching sandals as Nick steps into the hallway.

Ky's outfit is similar but in ivory and light blue, making her turquoise eyes look dark and mysterious.

Nick does his best imitation of a howling wolf when he sees the girls. It's pretty good, to be fair - but then he can turn into a wolf at will, so he might have an unfair advantage. Raina smiles, Ky giggles; both look stunning.

"Back off, wolf-man," Raina says warningly. "This is a wedding and I don't have time to get a new outfit because you shredded the old one."

Nick tries to look shocked. Would I do that? is writ large across his face. Raina looks stern for a minute, then collapses into giggles.

"Look, just get us through the wedding, then we'll see what happens." She grins wickedly. "If you think we look good, wait'll you see Alise...."

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