Saturday, September 1, 2012

When Rowans heads upstairs to see Pandora, Marc kills some time at the bar. He's developed a taste for the fancy coffee drinks Monty makes, and he's considering ordering something in decaf when he sees Tannr come ambling downstairs.

"Mon capitan! Come on over, I'll buy you a drink!"

Tannr manages a wan smile. "You've heard what's going on?"

Marc nods somberly. "Rowan just went upstairs to see how Pandora is holding up." He gives Tannr a quick, practiced once-over. "How are you doing?"

Tannr sighs. "I'm going to be okay... it's just going to take time to get me back to where I was. I don't know what that thing was, but it packed a helluva punch."

Marc nods. "And it's not even the worst thing to be found in Underdark.You should think twice about going back there, or maybe just forget about it entirely."

Tannr shudders theatrically. "Ï didn't go for the fun of it last time, and I won't be going back for the fun of it. If they leave us alone, I'll leave them alone; but fuck with me or mine - " His eyes go deadly cold.

"You really need that drink, mon ami."

"What I need, mon ami, is a best man for a wedding. Think you're up to the job?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world - but what about your brother? Won't he feel like he should be your best man?"

"He will be. Who said I can only have one?"

Marc quirks an eyebrow, then - "Ho, Monty, get this man a drink. He's getting married, he's going to need it."

Monty laughs. "I've met the bride to be... he's going to need more than a drink...."

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