Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tannr grins at his image in the mirror as he ties his hair back with a green velvet ribbon. He turns to his brother and Marc, “Do you think she will like it?”

“You look like a gentleman highwayman...” Erik chuckles.

Ike had helped Tannr with his clothes and now he was happy that she had. He didnt know if he would have been able to pull off the look on his own. Brown leather breeches and boots with an ivory shirt sporting just a few ruffles and a deep 'V' neck. A deep forest green velvet jacket that wasnt actual velvet but something much lighter weight so Tannr wouldnt roast during the ceremony; but the look and feel was identical, completed the look.

“I do not know about the gentleman part...” Marc adds, quickly changing clothes. He had just arrived in Exton from the Unformed Plane and was rushing so as not to be late - and he was anxious to see Rowan.

The men decide to walk over to the park from the Tavern where some of the guests were beginning to arrive. Tannrs glance goes right to the pavilion surrounded by large trees. He watches as Star comes out and smiles happily when she sees her husband. She stops to check on the children, all of them gathered under a large shade tree with two nannies and Wish and Pike watching over them all before approaching her husband.

Star puts an arm around her husband and grins up at him. “You look nice.”

Tannr pretends to be hurt, hand over his heart. “You mean to tell me you prefer a simple best man to the groom?”

Laughing in that strange almost silent way Star still has she says “Yes. Sorry...”

Tannr asks, “Did you give Tori her gift?”

Star grins and nods.

“Well, did she like it? Did she say anything?”

Star grins and shrugs her shoulders, knowing Tannr would see for himself soon enough. “Oh...” Star tugs on Erics shirt, he bends down for a kiss and Star hurries off across the park.

“She is the happiest little thing... How did someone like you ever end up with her?” Tannr teases his brother.

“I honestly dont know. But I am not the only reason for her happiness today.” Eric nods his head towards the direction of Stars sudden departure.

Star had seen Laila arrive with Ramji. The girls had remained the best of friends and enjoyed each others company whenever they the chance. The men watch as the girls smile and laugh, wrapping their arms around each other, the contrast in their looks almost startling.

“Beautiful...” Marc almost whispers.

Eric nods. “Rowan has said their auras are entwined. I take it thats something very rare. She says they have been together through many lifetimes..”

Marc startles. “Rowan has the sight?”

Shrugging Eric says, “I think with some things..”

“Apparently you still have much to learn about the lady...” Tannr adds.

Marc doesnt reply but grins as his eyes scan the crowd, looking for the lady in question.

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