Monday, September 3, 2012

Traeger and Erin had spent several days touring the countryside; but today they were going back to the crags to get the clay. Traeger arranged with the inn for an extra horse with packs to put the containers of soft clay into, and they again carried lunch fixin's and a blanket for a picnic.

The day was calm and warm... barely a breeze stirred the usually windy rock face; and they made good time climbing up to the hidden grove and clearing. Traeger decided he wanted to gather the clay early, have the work done so they could play around after lunch. Erin was laughing and full of fun as she helped him to pack the large containers with the moist clay... even reaching up to smear some on his nose, leading to laughter and a wrestling match that ended in a kiss.

That kiss lead to Traeger taking her mouth with passion, more deep kisses, skin laid bare beneath the warm sun; and soon they found themselves making love beneath the sky... under the shade trees... surrounded by the sacred pagan rocks. The day was so perfect and warm that as they lay in the afterglow they both fell asleep, Erin nestled in Traegers arms as they drifted off to the warbling of song birds.

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