Sunday, September 16, 2012

A full-length mirror had been set up in the pavilion. Tori stands before it and takes a deep breath. She felt strangely unfinished. Pandora was waiting to do her hair, and since she had doen nothing to it, it lay in short soft waves. Ike was waiting to do her makeup. Tori had worn none, not even her normal liner and mascara. Silk smiles encouragement and Tori slides the jacket off her shoulders. Silk hangs it up as the Gargoyle turns to her sister.

"Can you reach the zipper." Ike stares at her. Tori's reflection smiles at the blonde Gargoyle. "Can... you... reach... the... zipper?"

Ike lowers the bodice's zipper. Tori hands it to Silk and takes the deep plunge bra the Succubi Huntress hands her. She tugs it in place, snapping the front clasp. She sighs as she adjusts her small breasts in the cups.

"I guess I don't really need it..." She smooths the cups, fingering the beaded lace. She looks around at the women in the pavillion. "but it was so pretty... I couldn't resist."

Ike hugs her from behind. "It is gorgeous. But the straps will show."

"No they won't. Because the pantsuit was a decoy."

Ike blinks. "Decoy. Why?"

Tori turns to hug her sister. "Because, little sister, you have a big mouth... or should I say loose thoughts. I didn't want Tannr getting even an inkling of the real dress."

The low heeled boots find a spot under a bench and Ike helps her sister step out of the pale green slacks. Silk carefully hangs them, sets a box on a low stool. She removes the lid and lifts out a dress of the sheerest green chiffon. The skirt is layers of leaf-shaped petals extending from the waist to the floor. The bodice is pleated chiffon, sleeveless with a deep plunge. Tori unhooks the front, opening it like a robe. She turns and Silk slips it over her slim shoulders. She closes the clasps and it is as if the dress is all one piece. Ike whistles softly.

"Wow... Where did you get this?"

Tori grins. "Believe it or not... Keon. Wait until you see the slippers." Silk hands her a pair of low pumps adorned with chiffon leaves and tiny flowers. She slips them on her feet and turns. "What do you think?"

There are smiles all around. Tori settles in a chair and Pandora begins to dress her hair. The soft waves become soft curls, with the aide of hot rollers and Witch powers. A flap is opened, facing into the trees, to alleviate the smell of hairspray.

A coughing fit betrays the hiding place of several demifae. Star scolds them gently, but they profess to be guarding the back opening against the intrusion of the menfolk. Pandora smiles and promises to be more careful with the spray.

Silk offers Tori a small box containing a pair of sheer fingerless gloves. They are nearly colorless, the wrists adorned with tiny silk flowers of blue, lavender, white and pink. "Something blue... What do you have in old and new? The dress does not count."

Pandora laughs. "Does the custom count as something old?" Silk shakes her head with a smile.

Fingers stroke along the ever-present viper lying just above her breastline. Tori licks her lips. "Something old... My Viper from Tannr."

Silk hands her another box. "Ob sent you something old. The perfect accessory for your dress."

It takes the redheaded Gargoyle a moment before she can pick up the narrow belt. It resembles a dark green garter snake, the pattern of the scales picked out in dark and light green enamel, pale gold and silver for the three racing stripes.  Silk wraps it around Tori's waist and snaps it shut. Twin emerald eyes twinkle as Tori moves.

"It was my aunt's. She wore it in honor of Ob's stepfather. He had an affinity for scaled creatures and was talented with metalwork."

Ike purses her lips. "Sooo... Something Old, Borrowed, and Blue... dress and flowers don't count as New."

Ike places the ring of bespelled flowers on Tori's head, Star adjusts it slightly and then reaches into the box that held the flower arrangements. She holds out a small box to Tori. "Something New... a wedding gift from Tannr."

Tori's eyes widen. She lifts out one earring, a fall of teardrop shaped gems that dangle about 3 inches. Tears fill her eyes as she fastens them in her lobes. Peridots and diamonds shimmer in the pavillion's light. Ike hands her a tissue.

"Sit. I need to do your makeup... and you need to stop the tears or it will run." When Tori is finally tear-free, Ike begins to apply shadow and liner for a very light effect. When she is finished, Tori doesn't look like the woman everyone is used to seeing. Gone is the hard, rocker styling, replaced by a woman who could easily be mistaken for the ethereal Fae.

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