Saturday, September 1, 2012

A few days later Alise is busy cutting fabric to sew sundresses for all the girls for Toris wedding. Alise, Tori and Ike had gone shopping for the materials. Tori said no one had to do anything overly formal and since the wedding was outside she wanted everyone to be comfortable. The little girls had all decided they wanted to dress the same but they all had their own favorite colors. When Alise tried to explain that usually the bride decides on the colors for the flower girls Ike tried to press Tori into choosing specific colors, flowers, and a theme. When Alise saw the storm brewing in Toris face she had stomped on Ikes foot to make her stop.

They had found a lovely floral print for the sundresses that incorporated all the girls favorite colors and a solid blue for shirts for the boys. Alise then was able to quickly pick out trims, buttons and the other notions she would need to complete the outfits. A quick stop for khakis for the boys and Alise had enough. She was sure Ike and Tori were going to come to blows over this wedding. The two women had such different ideas. Alise at one point had pulled Ike aside and told her to stop, it was Toris wedding and she should be making the decisions.

“But she wont decide on anything! This would be so much easier if we knew what colors, what design...”

Alise shook her head. “That might be...but it is not our wedding and we do not decide. Let her be... Everything will be fine...”

Startled out of her thoughts by shouts of 'Papa!' Alise turns and smiles as Tomas flies at his father. Stoney grabs the boy and tossing him over his shoulder moves towards the table.

“Pretty... for our girls? Or shirts for Tomas and Ryan?” Stoney teases.

Tomas turns his head to look at the fabric. “Nooo..papa... not wearing flowers... ick...”

Alise grins, “Our girls, Chloe and Mera, plus shirts for Tomas and Ryan. This will keep me busy right up until the wedding.”

“I dont know how you do it... How is the wedding planning coming along?”

“I dont know and I am staying out of it...” Alise frowns a bit.

“That good, huh?” Stoney grins. Alise shrugs, “Well, you know... Ike loves to shop, Tori does not. Ike loves to plan, Tori not as much. But since the ceremony is outside and Star offered to make the bouquet and Pandora is handling the reception which I think will also be outside... it should be fine. Maybe you and Ob can book a band... and that would leave Tori needing to find an... outift for the ceremony.”

“Outfit? No dress?” Stoney grins knowing Tori well and knowing her and Ike were going to butt heads over this.

Alise shrugs again. “I dont know and I will be too busy sewing...”

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