Monday, September 3, 2012

Raina walks into the Tavern and heads to the bar. She orders a beer and Monty gives her a long whistle.

“That looks nice. When did you cut it?”

“Today.” Raina grins and takes a seat on a bar stool. She watches as Jack and Eira come in. Jack takes Eiras hand and then quickly lets go when Eira gasps. Raina waves the couple over.

“Whats wrong with your hands? Jack hanging on too much?” Raina teases.

Eira laughs. “No. Just a really long day at work. So Jack offered to take me out for supper and then a long hot soak in the tub should help the hands. I love your hair. That looks amazing on you....”

“Thanks. And thanks for hooking me up with that salon at the club. I just hope Nick likes it....”

Jack leans around Eira and gives Raina a once-over. Her hair was much shorter, shoulder length in the back, sides and bangs framing her face with some subtle highlights making her eyes look even greener. “Looks fantastic to me. And you could shave your head and Nick would still love you.”

Suddenly Alise pops out of a back room and gasps when she sees Raina. “Raina, your hair!” Alise approaches and runs her fingers through Rainas newly styled hair. “Its beautiful!...”

Raina grabs Alises hands and gives her a wicked grin. “You better stop that. You're giving me all kinds of ideas...”

“Really?” Alise asks and bats her eyelashes innocently causing the group to laugh.

Jack and Eira excuse themselves wanting to eat and head home. Alise says to Raina, “Come join us..Stoney is ordering our supper...”

“Thanks, but I think I will wait for Nick. Make sure the new do doesnt send him screaming into the night.”

“Oh... ppffitt... that would never happen and you know it. But come talk to us before you leave.” Alise gives Raina a quick hug and joins Stoney at the family table leaving Raina to wait for her lover.

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