Sunday, September 16, 2012

The small lights among the trees seem to fade into existence as shadows lengthen. Colored globes, set on poles, near the outside edges of the chair rows begin to softly glow. The summer flowers reflect small lights hidden in their beds, giving the gardens an ethereal ambience. The clearing is suddenly transformed from everyday fantasy to a step into Faery.

Silk smiles, knowing just how much is everyday electricity, and how much is Fae-wrought magic. Reed pipes are playing softly. The tunes are familiar, yet unfamiliar, due to the airy sound. The murmur of people is faint, and Ike reports the chairs are nearly filled. A hush falls over the assemblage as an antlered figure appears behind Tannr and his two groomsmen. Four women robed to match the seasons flank him. People whisper at the sight, some bow their heads in respect.

Stoney sends to Tori. Your Official is here, Petit Serpent. He sends her an image and Tori fights to hold back tears. She turns to her ladies, "Herne is here. So are the Four Seasons."

Keon pops his head in the pavillion. "Are ye ready ladies?" He smiles broadly, the white of his teeth startling against the pitch black of his skin. "Tori, ye look amazing. Not the hard ass bitch we all know and appreciate."

She throws a makeup brush at him and Keon laughs. "Ke... I can't tell ye how much I appreciate this. Ye hae done so much.."

"Ach ye nae say naught. Yer brogue is thick and ye hae tears in yer eyes. Tells me well enow. Asides lass, Erik is me sworn bro. Tannr is his brother. Makes him mine as well. So ye are coming into the Family. Tis only right we do it up Fair and Fae. I'll nae hae this chance agin til my wee one is grown."

His eartip twitches and Keon looks over the group. "Line up me hearties... That song is the cue to the march of the Attendants." He winks at the children. "Just as we practiced... Follow Tante Silk." He winks again and disappears.

The pipes still, then begin a sweet rendition of Rod Stewart's For The First Time. Silk shakes out the folds of her summer sky blue sari, the multi-hued embroidered flowers seeming to dance in the light reflected off hidden metallic threads. The pavilion flaps are held aside by Pike and Wish. head held high, dark glistening curls seemingly held in an elegant waterfall by clusters of flowers, The Huntress begins a stately walk towards Tori's future.

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