Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tannr yawns and stretches his large frame out across the bed. His glance goes to the window, his habit to always see where Tori was. Only this morning she wasnt there. Tannr had spent the night at his old place above the stables, the couple deciding to spend an evening apart before the wedding. Tannr didnt like the idea until Tori explained it was sort of a custom and she didnt want any details to be inadvertently exchanged in their minds...or Ikes. Tannr had laughed then and grudgingly agreed.

Splashing water on his face and throwing on jeans and t-shirt he makes his way to the cabin, the smells of breakfast cooking making his stomach growl loudly.

Entering the cabin he sees Star bustling about seemingly doing ten things at once. She smiles and hands him a mug of steaming hot coffee.

“Thanks... just what I need...”

Erik enters the kitchen, a laughing Ruarc carried under his fathers arm like a football. Getting Ru into his highchair Erik turns to Tannr. “Ready for some sparring after you eat?”

Laughing Tannr replies, “Sure... as long as I dont end up with a black eye or something...”

“Dont worry, I wont mess up your pretty face...”


Star and Keon exchange smiles at the banter. “I have to get the flowers to the tavern...”

Keon adds, “I can take her and leave you two to yer brawlin'”

“Hang on...I have something you can do for me...” Tannr disappears and returns moments later, a small silver box with a green bow in his hands.

“Can you give this to Tori for me? Tell her if it doesnt work with what she's wearing I understand...”

Tannr hands the box to Star who smiles brightly and tucks it into one of the many bags she is bringing to the tavern.

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