Friday, August 31, 2012

The shifter nanny spies Tara slipping out of bed and trying to quietly open the door to sneak out into the hallway. Knowing what the family has been going through she doesnt try to stop the little girl. Instead she nods to one of the demifae guarding near the door to follow her.

Once out into the hallway Tara looks to the right, then the left and is off like a shot down the hall, the demifae right behind her, wings buzzing. They race up the stairs and in moments are in front of the door to Pandoras and Obs private apartment.

“Mon Dieu... we are about to have a visitor I think...” Alise stands as Tara taps on the door then slowly opens it. Alise smiles at her daughter, peeking in the half open door, a demifae hovering just above her doing the same.

Tara races to her mother who kneels on the floor to gather her in her arms.

Tori watches from her spot, curled in Tannrs lap. She looks up and sees the pensive look in his green eyes, feels the longing he has for children, family.

She sends to him, I cant wait to marry you.... and smiles at the grin and happiness she sees when he turns his face to hers.

Alise and Tara are speaking rapidly in French. When Tara stops talking, Alise looks to Stoney who nods his head.

Tara approaches Ob and Pan shyly, head down a little, feeling their sadness and pain at the loss of their little one. She looks up through her bangs and Ob gives a sad smile.... She looks like her mother, but so much of you too, bro.... 

 “Oncle Ob, Tante Pandora, *Je voulais vous dire tout de suite ...” Tara stops and shakes her head as she hears her father, in English little one... 

“I wanted to tell you right away...” Tara pauses and takes a breath. “Your baby...he is with Grandmere Grace. She was in the nursery holding him. And Cassie was there too... They were smiling at him and kissing him.... Cassie said he was precious and Grandmere said to tell you that she would take care of him for you.”

“Oh...” tears streaming Pandora wraps her arms around Tara. “Thank you... thank you so much for telling us...”

Stoney lifts his daughter in his arms and she asks, “**Que j'ai fait bon papa?"

 "Oh yes, ma petite...very good. Your mother and I are very proud of you."

*I wanted to tell you right away

**Did I do good papa?

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