Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pandora had gotten Ob's message; and before she was able to send someone for her father... he phoned her and said... "On the way to the Manse, Pandy, knew they were going to need some clay for Tori if she was hurt. I'm not a sorcerer for nothing,been monitoring the battle and I've already let Rowan know I'm on my way...I've broken pottery up and blessed it and it lays softening to mud as we speak. I will let you know how Tori fares when I get there."

Traeger drew up to the gates of the Manse... he felt the wards lift as the small gnomes drew the gates open for him to pass; and he made his way swiftly to the front door.... he picked up the large container holding the muddy pottery and lifting an arm in greeting to the children as he passed, he entered the Manse. The sylphs guided him up the stairs and soon he stood beside Rowan. "Here it is, milady, I see the gods guided my hands long ago in gathering this for more than its beauty and the remembrance it held."

Rowan touched his cheek gently for a moment as she knew he referred to his wife... but the look in his eyes told her that was long ago and she held his heart now. He stood by to help should she need it, and passed a practiced eye over Tori's still form, her ashen pallor speaking volumes about her condition, and he set his mind to silent spells of healing.

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