Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through the alley and into the woods, Tannrs mind is whirling. The Riders lead them through a gate, a little further and horses are saddled and waiting. He watches as Star approaches a horse and lays her cheek against the soft brown nose. She gently strokes the large gracefully neck and whispers. The horse flicks his ears are whinneys softly, the blowing air making Star laugh.

She turns to Guunnar, “Take all this off...” and she starts tugging at the saddle. “I wont need all this...”

“Ach, little sister, you must have saddle, leave it on...” Guunnar tries to grab her hands to stop her.

“No, I dont need it....”

Before an argument ensues Erik steps between the two, “Let it go, Guunnar. You know how she is... especially with animals...”

He takes the saddle off and gives Star a boost up on the horses back. He turns to his brother before mounting his own horse.

Tannrs head was bowed against the horses side. Gods help me get her out of there... my life for hers if that is your desire... please dont take her....

He stops his prayer and looks up as Erik claps him on the back. “Brother, ready to start?”

Tannr nods, his face grim with resolve and he mounts his horse.

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