Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I get a grip on myself, throttle down the panic and the anger. It's moments before I can speak, and even then it feels like my throat is closing up. My voice is under tight control, damn near emotionless; I bite off each word as if it were an enemy.

"If you're going, I'm going, too." I shoot a warning glance at Inari. "This is non-negotiable, Ambassador. If you intend to let my wife go into danger, I'm damn well going along to protect her."

"I think you should go," she says mildly. "Less because of Star, more because someone will need to keep your brother from doing something crazy."

"Tannr is a professional soldier. He knows how to follow orders."

"He is also a man in love, as are you. It's hard to separate your duty to your love from your duty to others - I know from experience. But you both are going to have to put your personal feelings aside and focus on the mission. We only have space for so many on this team, and we can't afford any prima donnas. Jeopardize our success and I promise you, I'll cold-cock you both and leave you in a Seelie dungeon till the mission is completed, successfully or not."

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