Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time was moving at a snails pace to the ones left behind at the tavern; Pandora watched in amazement as each time Teri awoke he was more aware, more able to do... instead of just waving his arms aimlessly he could now reach our and grasp her fingers himself... he looked up at her intently and she could see him struggling to connect the pieces of her thoughts, and she could see his love... for it shown upon his face whenever she talked softly to him.

Teri had started crying softly the second day she finished nursing him; and Monty has strolled over with a small bottle... "Its rice cereal watered down; thought this one might start wanting food before long." Pandora smiled up at him and offered the bottle to Teri; surprised at how readily he accepted it and how soundly he went to sleep once he was done. "You sure anticipate things Monty, you're a treasure,".Pandora said as she laid her son in his bassinet. "Pandy; I've had hundreds of years of serving masters to learn about children and such......" He brushed the babes forehead, noticing the small protrusions were still obvious; and pondering if they would change as he reached puberty... or perhaps before. He knew daemon blood could cause many transformations... Ob's trials with his dragon form a perfect example.

Pandora's attention was drawn to a patrol returning; their tired faces turning at once to Jack and any news of the rescue effort... this endless waiting was hell; but the rescuers could not chance too many random thoughts to their loved ones while in concealment.

Patti's well timed entrance with a tray of steaming dishes soon turned their attention to the fact they were starving... and they fell to eating and talking among themselves.

Pandora ordered some food herself; and passed the time before its arrival by calling Chloe at the Manse... the little girl's excited tales of adventure made her happy she had sent her with the others... Alise assured her she had made the other children happy with her antics; for she was quite the rabble rouser like her father... and her flight off the top of the stairs, followed by Tomas had caused quite a stir among the sylphs who helped watch the children. Alise and Laila had sat them down and firmly told them they were not to fly without their fathers or aunts here to accompany them... pouts adorned both faces... but they promised.

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