Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alise and Laila were trying to get all the children their breakfast. It was another bright and sunny day and they were all excited about playing in the water again. The Manse's many fountains and sprinklers fascinated them and it was impossible to get them focused on any other activity. The happy squeals and laughter when Panther joined in sent the sylphs running. Tomas had been sleeping later, partially going to stone when he rested. Stoney had told her not to worry, since he was half human he would probably set his own sleep schedule, at least for now.

Alise paused as Laila finished setting the table and watched as the sylphs set out fruit and cereal. Out of the corner of her eye she spies two small figures trying to sneak past in the hallway. Alise smiles and turns quickly, just in time to capture two giggling little girls in their swimsuits trying to slip outside.

Laughing, Alise carries Mera and Gracie to the table. Kissing the soft brown curls and then the smooth blue-black tresses Alise tells them, “Breakfast first *”mes peu de bébés de l'eau.”

The girls climb into chairs and greet Ru, who is sitting on Lailas lap, watching everything intently. His changeable eyes take in everything and Alise senses that he doesnt miss a thing. Tara wanders in with Chloe carrying a large beach ball in rainbow colors.

Mon Dieu! Where did that come from?”

Laila laughs, “I think the sorcerers lady has gifted them with some water toys..”

Before Alise can respond she hears Stoneys voice.

Allie...are you awake? 

Of course, getting breakfast for the little ones..

Something has changed at the temple. It wont be long now. Is everything ready at the Manse? I dont know yet what injuries Tori has other than she has had little to eat and the chains... and whatever happens with the battle...

Alise reassures her husband, All is ready. Rowan has her supplies here and Mortuis said the surgery is in readiness in case it is needed. I have a room ready for Tori with a balcony that overlooks the fountains. I thought if she could hear the children playing while she rests would help her realize she is with family... and not still in that awful place...

She would like that... you think of everything...What would I do without you?

Alise smiles and feels herself wrapped in Stoneys love before the link dissipates and her attention is once again with the children.

*my little water babies

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