Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star tried hard not to wrinkle up her nose at the dank rotten smell that surrounded her. Ghaunt notices and smiles slightly. “Yes, it always smells like this. The temple is a little better, but not by much.”

Stars eyes were wide at the sight of creatures, all with red eyes, that she had never seen before. The pale pink frogs were the worst. They were almost iridescent in the dark and the marshy areas were full of them. They gave Star the shivers for some reason. When Ghaunt notices he tells her to stay away from them. “Poisonous....dont touch them, or anything else here if you can help it.”

Nodding Star settles back in her seat, her fingers worry over the leather of the pouch containing her gift from Mortuis. The mist seems to be getting heavier and somehow starts to feel decidedly slimy. It feels like it even penetrates her cloak and dress making her shiver and she pulls the cloak close.

She watches as the lights of a town come into view, a faint relief of the dark that has surrounded them. Ghaunt guides the horses through the mud and past the gates and guards. The wagon rattles on the stone streets. They go down several winding alleys and finally pull into a stable of sorts. Ghaunt jumps down and pulls the horses farther into the building.

“This is the storeroom closest to my quarters. I made a place here for Tannr to hide. We can get him out of the wagon and then I need to take you to see Ardara. If I dont, she will make me pay for the perceived insult.”

They quickly move the kegs and let Tannr out of his hiding spot in the floor of the wagon.

“By all the Gods… I think my teeth have rattled loose...” He falls silent at Ghaunts finger over his lips.

“I have a spot behind this wood pile. No one comes here, but it may be a servant may come seeking the kegs of wine... I will come as soon as I am able, when most of the temple sleeps..”

Tannr nods and ducks behind the pile, furnished with a pallet and not much else. It didnt matter to him, he was here to get Tori home and nothing was going to stand in his way.

Ghaunt turns to Star, “Ready?”

Star nods her head, remembering she isnt suppose to be able to speak.

“Good. Lets get this part over with. Just remember not to speak. She will more than likely taunt you... testing me... to see if I speak the truth. Please do not answer her, it would be the end for all of us. And do not be shocked at what you will see. She tortures and kills servants on a whim. The only thing keeping Tori alive is the fact that Ardara would not dare to give Lolth a dead sacrifice... but I do not know what else she may have done to Tori while I have been gone....”

Star nods again, worry creasing her brow, as she turns to follow Ghaunt into the temple.

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